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Swimming pool


The natural environment is built around the swimming pool. The main objective of the project is to give, as many spaces of usage as of distribution, of illumination and natural comfort. So the concept is to propose a swimming pool with required amenities and enough light and ventilation to design a green building.

This building tries to incorporate a new piece in the city, assuming the representative image the building must show according to its public nature, being able to fit in with dignity and being part of the architectural legacy of the town. Not in a prominence, but assuming the suggestion of an environment enriched with history and tradition.

The location is characterized by its rural features.The main design strategy is the application of sustainable criterion, optimized in passive behaviour, reducing the environmental impact and the energy demand. The openings, the constructive systems, the incorporation of overhangs and vegetation are planned for an optimum solar control. The amount of natural ventilation is increased and the optimum amount of systems and facilities is calculated to produce the right and efficient amount of energy.

It provides a contiguous pedestrian open space that is safe, multi-functional, sustainable, fun and exciting for all ages involved the layering and integration of 5 distinct considerations: cultural infrastructure, environmental sustainability, healthy living, interpretive nature, and inventive design.

The proposed site is a 3152.0 sq.mts. Land and the building are designed to cater the functional needs as well as the aesthetic appeal of the space and structure. Proper planning has been done for the water supply and drainage system and enough amount of light and ventilation is provided.
Building has following facilities:

  • Olympic size swimming pool (50mt.x25mt.)
  • Kids pool
  • Shower and changing room
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor games like table tennis, chess, card games, billiards
  • Multipurpose hall for basket ball, tennis, badminton and dance classes
  • Dedicated E.T.P
  • Solar system for basic lighting and water heating
  • Filteration system.

Sea front development

The projects takes it point of departure in the strait as the city’s most important natural quality and wishes to take advantage of its great potential to create an urban renewal in close connection to its natural surroundings.

Sea Front Development offers the unique opportunity to redefine the esplanade and to make better use of the beach as a public space. Their design envisions a landscape park which represents a natural passage from the beach to the city with its dunes and pine groves, which invites users to stay and offers various spaces for recreational activities.

It designed a promenade as a transit area that would separate the user from the various problems currently arising at its seafront and provide more accessibility to the beaches, creating a place with its own lifestyle. By recreating the shape of cliffs and waves, the project organically developed unusual convex and concave spaces.

The proposed Seafront development is 900 mt. long and 45mt. wide stretch. The site is spread north – east to south – west direction. Brief is to design basic facility to local residence as well as tourist facility like hang out space, toilets, fast food centre, walk way, fisherman shade etc.

The proposed project has following facilities:

  • Jogging track / path way
  • Seating / gathering space
  • Kids play area
  • Toilet
  • Garbage collection area
  • Boat parking & repairing area

Krishna Beach Resort

The design of this Krishna Beach Resort intends to protect that balance and promote a sustainable development approach. The design reflects a concept where by a sustainable relationship with the local economy, culture and natural heritage is central. The resort assimilates with the natural habitat of the island.

The proposed site is 3918.76 The brief given to the architect is a unique resort that consists of a series of room with maximum sea views possible. This is a sustainable design for a future development that possibly will be built. The design of this hotel beach resort is a concept whereby a sustainable relationship with the local economy, culture and natural heritage is central.

This building has following facilities:

  • Privacy and security could be combined with the possibility for authentic local experiences
  • Natural bio-diversity could be enriched rather than destroyed by human activities;
  • Tourism could be a lever of a sustainable cultural, social and economical development;
  • Resort having 35 rooms
  • it has two public swimming pool
  • 50% room has splash pool.
  • It is 4 star hotel having all modern facilities.

Jogging Track


The concept was to create a boardwalk & Jogging experience overlooking the sea along the main road going to Diu city. And also to provide the track with a defined area in terms of visual appeal and demarcation.

One of the best attraction of Jogging Tack is, in evening one can see a beautiful sun set view having best of natural air, relaxing and seeing far off the never ending sea waves.

The main focus was to design integral functionable spaces during natural and sustainable material. As an architect this project is inspired by sea waves.


The proposed structure is an 850.0 RN.FT long and 20.0 FT. wide track between the sea and the main road leading to Diu city. To create some comfortable shaded areas along the track
A Fabricated Tensile roof is providing whose shape is derived from the character of waves. There are sitting areas and planted areas at regular intervals and viewing decks extending towards the sea at few points adding to the joyful experience. Enough parking is proposed along the road and track for the visitors keeping in mind and the maximum number of people might cater too. The proposed track and the architectural elements are made eco friendly with use of local materials and led lights to be lit up at night.

The proposed projects have following key features:

  • Tensile roof for shading
  • Seating deck with tensile roof
  • 2 NOS of fabricated (temporary) coffee shop each having 250
  • Well design plantation with irrigation system on both side of jogging track.
  • Seating areas along the path ways.



Fish Market And Vegetable Market


The project is to design space for “purchase good quality fish & vegetable from better environment”. The concept is to propose a market space catering to the general public for vegetables and fish to give a comfortable, healthy, lively, specious and beautiful space for a shopping environment.

“As an architect this market is inspired from Coral Reef. So texture and pattern of this building like this. “


The proposed site is a 3,742.00 sq.mts. Land and the building is designed to cater the functional needs as well as the aesthetic appeal of the space and structure. Proper planning has been done for the water supply and drainage system and enough amount of light and ventilation.


The proposed project has following facilities:

  • 48 +48 shops on ground floor and first floor for vegetable and fish market
  • Separate entry for both market as well as main central entries
  • Dedicated E.T.P
  • Planned Drainage system