Sea front development

The projects takes it point of departure in the strait as the city’s most important natural quality and wishes to take advantage of its great potential to create an urban renewal in close connection to its natural surroundings.

Sea Front Development offers the unique opportunity to redefine the esplanade and to make better use of the beach as a public space. Their design envisions a landscape park which represents a natural passage from the beach to the city with its dunes and pine groves, which invites users to stay and offers various spaces for recreational activities.

It designed a promenade as a transit area that would separate the user from the various problems currently arising at its seafront and provide more accessibility to the beaches, creating a place with its own lifestyle. By recreating the shape of cliffs and waves, the project organically developed unusual convex and concave spaces.

The proposed Seafront development is 900 mt. long and 45mt. wide stretch. The site is spread north – east to south – west direction. Brief is to design basic facility to local residence as well as tourist facility like hang out space, toilets, fast food centre, walk way, fisherman shade etc.

The proposed project has following facilities:

  • Jogging track / path way
  • Seating / gathering space
  • Kids play area
  • Toilet
  • Garbage collection area
  • Boat parking & repairing area

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