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An architect is an artist who works creatively within very strict constraints. The key to successful design is the creative juxtaposition of these often conflicting constraints, from client needs such as brief, budget and program, through to climate conditions, site and context, town planning laws and government codes and standards.

The work of Aura Design is guided by beliefs in stewardship of the planet and the responsibility to build community through work.

For Aura Design Architecture stewardship is design that integrates building and site, energy and resource efficient and insures a healthy environment for those who will live and work there.

Working in close collaboration with its clients, Aura Design choreographs site, program, structure and light to create distinctive spaces for people to come together as community – homes for family and friends, work places for collaboration and creativity, place for worship and fellowship and retail spaces for pleasure.

Aura Design Consultant is committed to the brief that cities and structures they contain must be in balance with the earth and use resources in ways that are sustainable over time.

All design begins with an analysis and understanding of the site leading to placement of structures responsive to localized topographic, light and wind condition, reflecting a belief that buildings should connect those within to that site and the larger world. Once these fundamentals are set materials and systems are selected emphasizing energy efficiency, resource conservation, minimal site disturbance and healthy indoor air quality.

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